Why natural cosmetics?

The skin is the largest organ of the human body and constitutes the two most important square metres in our lives, so what we put on it is of great importance. We often wonder what to apply to it. The answer is: natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetic products and why choose them?

It is virtually impossible to quantify the long-term effects of the use of inappropriate ingredients in conventional cosmetics and of the combinations and interactions between them. But what we do know is that inappropriate cosmetics can surely worsen the condition of the skin.

It is precisely for this reason that natural cosmetics are the solution for problematic or hypersensitive skin, as the ingredients will not irritate the skin, but rather restore its natural balance. Natural cosmetics also encourage the use of organically grown plant material and what is more, by choosing organic cosmetics you can help reduce the environmental footprint.

Certified organic cosmetics are rooted in nature. It is not merely a matter of purity and health, but also that the quality of the production must be guaranteed. Extensive research and development through modern processes ensure that natural formulas have beneficial effects on the skin – and that they do so with no unpleasant ingredients.

Still, even natural cosmetics can cause an allergic reaction if one is, for instance, hypersensitive to any of the essential oils, nuts or to latex (namely, shea butter contains a substance similar to latex called gutta-percha). Please be advised to carefully examine the list of ingredients of the product before use.

do natural cosmetics work?

Do natural cosmetics actually work?

The way natural cosmetics work is by nourishing the skin and stimulating it in a way that allows the skin cells to receive a balanced source of energy obtained from plants. Antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals help maintain skin health and promote cell regeneration, effectively protecting skin against ageing. All ingredients must be carefully selected and the active ingredients must be used in the correct combinations and concentrations. In this way, each component complements the whole and brings its own benefits for the skin. This means that our body will absorb exactly what it needs – in a way, we can say that natural cosmetics do not do the work in the skin’s stead, but rather work in cooperation with it.

Natural cosmetics – when can I expect to see a difference in my skin?

Natural cosmetics – when can I expect to see a difference in my skin?

The skin needs about 20-28 days to regenerate, and it may take 30-40 days or more for mature skin.

This means that the newly produced skin cells will move towards the surface, while the dead skin cells shed. We cannot expect results to be noticeable instantly – we must have patience and give the skin time to fully recover and to adjust to the new product. 

However, to achieve the optimal goal of clear and radiant skin, you will also need to balance your lifestyle by adopting a healthy diet based on unprocessed, wholesome foods, sufficient water intake and regular exercise.

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