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Unlock Radiant Skin with Noni Juice-Infused PhytoGal (F)ACE Treatment
Incorporating Organic Cosmetics into Your Routine

PhytoGal (F)ACE treatment moisturizer 50 ml

46 reviews

(A)ctive. (C)orrective. (E)ffective.

Experience the magic of nature’s finest with our Multi-Award-Winning product. Give your skin a revitalizing touch and start your day with a joyful boost, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

This luxurious, anti-ageing PhytoGal (F)ACE treatment moisturizer with Kakadu plum and silver fir wood extract, with a synergistic blend of other Australian extracts, immortelle hydrosol, aloe vera and noni juice, together with precious plant oils, such as cacay, babassu, pomegranate, cherry and rice bran oils, spread easily, absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy residue, only beautifully smooth, soft, and hydrated skin. 

If you apply the cream to your face twice a day, you will use it up in about 3 months.

The amount of cream used depends on the needs of the individual, but on average, two presses on the pump of the bottle should suffice.

79.20 (VAT is included in the price)

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Ideal for anyone who wants moisturised, healthy and radiant skin, for all showing the first visible signs of ageing, and for all those who seek to prevent premature skin ageing. Daily moisturization is the foundation of healthy, smooth, and toned skin.


  • Provides hydration to the skin
  • Provides antioxidant protection to the skin
  • Increases collagen and elastin production
  • Works against fine lines and wrinkles
  • Visibly softer and smoother skin


Take small amount of this enriched moisturizing cream, warm it between the fingers and then apply it with gentle pressures into the skin – your face, neck and décolleté after your regular cleaning routine in the morning and evening, or whenever your skin is in need of moisturizing care.

The cream spread easily, absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy residue, only beautifully smooth, soft, and hydrated skin. 


Each ingredient in this moisturizing cream has been selected with both love and logic.

(A)ctive. (C)orrective. (E)ffective.

  • Vitamin A  Cacay (Kahai) seed oil  – Contains three times more natural retinol (vitamin A) than rosehip oil and has a 50% higher vitamin E content than argan oil.  Reduce wrinkles and promote collagen production and cell regeneration.
  • Vitamin C Kakadu Plum – Richest source of natural Vitamin C, stimulates collagen production, skin brightening. Potent anti-ageing active
  • Vitamin E can be found in the leaves of the mountain pepper. It provides protection against free radicals that cause aging and nourishing and moisturizing the skin.AND MORE …. PHYTOGAL (F)ACE treatment moisturizing cream also contains:
  • Silver fir wood extract – A unique combination of different polyphenols has a strong antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging effect.
  • Marine exopolysaccharide – It moisturizes the skin, making it smoother, more toned and offers it an exceptional, long-lasting moisturizing effect.
  • Noni fruit juice– Contains more than 150 different substances that cannot be found in any other juice, namely vitamins (A, all B, C and E vitamin groups), amino acids, enzymes, mineral nutrients and trace elements. They have antioxidative and anti-inflammatory effects and help maintain beautiful and healthy skin.



Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice*/**, Helichrysum Italicum (Immortelle) Flower Water*/**, Morinda Citrifolia (Noni) Fruit Juice*/**, Glycerin (Vegetable)*, Orbignya Oleifera (Babassu) Seed Oil*/**, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Oil*/**, Caryodendron Orinocense (Cacay) Seed Oil*/**, Cetearyl Alcohol*, Aqua*, Panthenol (Provitamin B5), Opuntia Ficus-Indica (Prickly pear) Seed Oil*/**, Punica Granatum (Pomegranate) Seed Oil*/**, Prunus Avium (Cherry) Seed Oil*/**, Glyceryl Stearate*, Sucrose Stearate*, Abies Alba (Silver Fir) Wood Extract*, Terminalia Ferdinandiana (Kakadu Plum) Fruit Extract*, Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract (Exopolysaccharide)*, Santalum Acuminatum (Quandong) Fruit Extract*, Tasmannia Lanceolata (Mountain Pepper) Leaf Extract*, Citrus Australasica (Finger Lime Caviar) Fruit Extract*, Davidsonia Jerseyana (Davidson Plum) Fruit Extract*, Sodium Stearoyl Glutamate*, Dehydroacetic Acid, Tocopherol (Vitamin E)* , Xanthan Gum*, Sodium Gluconate*, Maltodextrin*, Allantoin, Citrus Sinensis (Orange) Peel Oil Expressed*/**, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Herb Oil*/**, Citric Acid*, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Salicylate, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Benzyl Alcohol, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil*, Limonene***, Linalool***

* Ingredients from natural origin ( 92,5 % )

** Ingredients from organic agricultural source ( 79,5 % )

*** Components from natural essential oils

The water in the ingredient list refers to that naturally contained in the active ingredients and has not been added as such.


We are accustomed to creams being white, pink, yellow… so the colour of this moisturizing cream may take you by surprise. The reason behind its colour is hidden in its natural ingredients – the extract of the silver fir wood is brown, the  noni juice is reddish dark brown color, and together they give the cream a rich, natural brownish colour.

The fusion of silver fir extract, lavender and sweet orange essential oil, and immortelle hydrolate together creates a refreshing and calming scent that makes your skincare routine feel like a special experience. When you apply it, it’s like being in a calm forest surrounded by a bouquet of lavender, immortelle, and oranges, connecting you with nature in a genuine way.

PhytoGal (F)ACE treatment moisturizer is packed in miron violet glass preserve the bioenergy of the ingredients and extends the shelf life of the cosmetic product. This is a forever use jar, please recycle, refill or repurpose.


44 reviews for PhytoGal (F)ACE treatment moisturizer 50 ml

  1. Marija

    S kremo sem zelo zadovoljna! Všeč mi je, da namesto vode vsebuje organske sokove in hidrolate, pa še lepo diši. Čeprav je bogata, ni pregosta in se ob nanosu lepo vpije v kožo.

  2. Olga

    Moja koža, ki je že starejša, je z uporabo kreme postala navlažena in sijoča. Ima popolno teksturo in vonj. Dodaten plus pa so naravne sestavine, ki jih pred tem nisem poznala. Jutranji nanos zadošča za ves dan.

  3. Monika

    Since I turned 40, I have experienced capillaries and redness on my right cheek that have been bothering me for four years. I tried different creams, but none of them worked. For the past four months, I have been using PhytoGal (F)ACE treatment moisturizer twice daily (morning and evening) and I noticed a reduction in redness and capillaries. I highly recommend this cream because it also reduces wrinkles and makes the skin feel soft and healthy.
    Before / after

  4. Ulla (verified owner)

    Krema je super! Imam zelo suho, občutljivo kožo. Več let sem se trudila najti dobro vlažilno kremo. S PhytoGal (F)ACE treatment moisturizer kremo sem to našla. Koža je po nanosu mehkejša in navlažena.

  5. Andreja Koprivec

    Pred mesecem sem kupila kremo na priporočilo prijazne Jane iz Škofje Loke.
    Zelo sem zadovoljna s kremo! Do sedaj še nisem ugotovila kaj odgovarja moji koži, čeprav sem pri 60 letu starosti, vidim pa, da je to prava krema!

  6. Stephanie Pojak

    Natasa comes from a background of pharmaceuticals and along with her extensive studies in beauty products has created a cream using only the very best natural ingredients. I love the earthy perfume and the light natural colour of her PhytoGal (F)ACE treatment moisturizer. You only need a tiny amount to feel that you are nourishing your skin which, especially in the cold weather, cries out for hydration and care.

  7. Jane

    I received the cream as a Christmas gift. I absolutely love it. It’s moisturizing, but it is not too heavy. I like how it melts into the skin without leaving a greasy residue feeling. The scent is perfect as well (not too overwhelming). This is definitely a product I will be keeping stocked up on.

  8. Janez

    Slovenija, dežela presežkov, pridnih in zelo inovativnih ljudi med katere vsekakor spada tudi avtorica tega malega čudeža, ki se imenuje “PhytoGal (F)ACE treatment moisturizer”. Kremo sem dobil v dar od moje drage. Sama je to kremo uporabljala že približno mesec dni, z neverjetnim učinkom v smeri izboljšanja strukture kože in z vidnim pomlajevalnim izgledom. Sam delam v dokaj težkih pogojih in je to pustilo tudi vidne znake destrukcije na moji koži. Z uporabo te kreme so že po dveh tednih vidni znaki regeneracije in na moje veselje tudi bolj svež izgled kože. Priporočam, da jo preizkusite tudi sami, ker tu presenečenj ni, ker krema čisto enostavno deluje v smeri hranjenja in pomlajevanja kože. Pa še vonj je čudovit!

  9. Gregor M.

    Krema ima svojevrstno prijetno aromo in idealno gostoto. Drugih krem ne uporabljam več. Uporabo kreme zares priporočam tudi moškim!

  10. Alma

    Kremo sem kupila na priporočilo prijateljice. Že ko sem prejela paket, sem bila navdušena nad samo embalažo, vsebina pa je bila pika na i. Za nanos jo potrebuješ čisto malo, ker pa imam zelo občutljivo kožo, nagnjeno k rdečici sem opazila, da je tudi te manj. Uporabljam jo vsak dan, občutek svilnate kože pa traja ves dan. Vse pohvale in uspešno delo še naprej vam želim!

  11. Grega G.

    Krema je TOP! Uporabljam jo že nekaj mesecev po britju, saj mi pomiri razdraženo kožo. Ima tudi zelo prijeten vonj! Priporočam!!

  12. Margit

    Nad kremo linije PhytoGal (F)ACE treatment moisturizer katero sem najprej kupila zgolj za test, sem bila izjemno navdušena. Imam nežno, suho kožo na obrazu. Krema na neverjetno lahek način kožo vlaži ves dan in ji nudi svilnato mehkobo. Prav tako je kremo pohvalil tudi moj partner.

    Zelo jo priporočam, saj ni še en produkt na trgu, ki ima dober opis, funkcije pa manj dobre. Tej kremi se pozna, da je nastala na podlagi študij in testiranj. Zelo priporočam!

  13. Lovro

    Zaradi občutljive kože zelo redko najdem kremo, ki mi ne povzroča rdečice. Ta krema pa blagodejno skrbi za hidracijo kože tudi pred in po športnih aktivnostih kot so plavanje in zimski športi na mrazu, ko je koža posebej izpostavljena težjim razmeram. Postala je stalnica tudi pred uporabo savne, saj koža tako precej lažje prenaša vročino. Krema je zelo mazljiva! Toplo priporočam!

  14. Marta

    I love it! Me encanta!
    Su textura, su aroma, se packaging… Me ha sorprendido mucho y la amo!

  15. Tea

    Pri kremi mi je najbolj všeč to, da se lepo razmaže, ne pušča mastnega občutka na koži, temveč se nemudoma popolnoma vpije. Koža je navlažena cel dan. Naravni vonj kreme pa je le še dodatna pika na i. Zelo sem zadovoljna in jo toplo priporočam!

  16. Magali

    J’ai le plaisir d’utiliser cette crème depuis quelques semaines maintenant. Et quel bonheur! Une crème au doux parfum boisé et aux ingrédients naturels, rares et luxueux, qui rendent la peau douce et hydratée. Au fil des utilisations, la peau est souple et plus ferme. Les ridules que je peux avoir se sont estompées. Sa texture qui a l’air légère est très confortable. Je recommande de prélevé deux pompes pour que la matière ne laisse pas d’effet gras. C’est une merveille.

  17. Mateja

    Vašo kremo uporabljam že 4 mesece. Imam zelo občutljivo kožo, nagnjeno k rdečici. Odkar uporabljam to kremo, opažam manjšo rdečico na obrazu, tako da je to še dodaten plus! Krema mi tudi sicer zelo ustreza. Tekstura je lepo mazljiva krema se lepo vpije in koža se po nanosu ne sveti. Dobro navlaži in nahrani kožo obraza. Kot je priporočeno tudi sama za en nanos porabim dva pritiska na pumpico stekleničke. Bo ostala stalnica v moji kopalnici in kmalu jo bo nadomestila nova. Čestitke, gospa Nataša, za ta krasen izdelek! Zelo priporočam!

  18. Gabrielle

    La texture est non collante. J’aime beaucoup son odeur boisée. Elle penetre de suite et est très bien toléré par ma peau . Le teint est net, ma peau est douce et hydratée.

  19. Irena

    Po treh mesecih uporabe kreme PhytoGal (F)ACE treatment moisturizer je koža na obrazu bolj sijoča in mehkejša na otip, zmanjšala se je rdečica na licih, kot dobra podlaga se obnese tudi za nanašanje make-upa.

  20. Erjona

    Jam shume e impresionuar me cilesine e ketoj kremi, qe ne aplikimet e para lekura ime u ndje e hidratuar, e ushqyer dhe pas disa aplikimesh me shkelqim. Ajo qe mw pelqen akoma dhe me shume jane ingredientet dhe qe nuk te le ndjesine e yndyres pas aplikimit.
    Me pelqen shume dhe do e riblej perseri. Good job Natasa ☺️

  21. Louise Jane, CEO of The Vegan Beauty Awards

    The PhytoGal treatment moisturizer is a must-have for anyone serious about taking care of their skin.

    It’s packed with only the best all-natural ingredients in one magical bottle and delivers a powerful dose of vitamins to your skin; keeping it looking young and radiant! This product is honestly all you need to transform your skin from dull and dry to glowing, healthy, and naturally beautiful. I can’t wait to see what else this brand comes up with after seeing the results from this one!

  22. Louise Jane, CEO of The Vegan Choice Awards

    “The PhytoGal treatment moisturizer from GalBaia is a rare find that delivers instant results. I couldn’t believe how soft and supple my skin felt immediately after using it and I can’t wait to see what benefits it has over time!

    I highly recommend this product to anyone who is interested in improving the appearance of their skin 100% naturally. This is honestly one of the best skincare products I’ve ever used, and I can confidently say that you will be satisfied with its results!”

  23. Agata

    Dolgo sem iskala kremo, ki bi mi ustrezala. Sicer imam mešan tip kože, vendar sem pri uporabi nekaterih do sedaj preizkušenih krem opazila, da se koža prehitro zmasti. Želela sem si kolikor toliko naravno kremo, vendar se mi je že večkrat zgodilo, da me tudi vonj kreme ni prepričal. Ko sem odprla GalBaia kremo, me je očaral vonj mojih najljubših vonjav – iglavcev, sivke in smilja.

    Veseli me, da sem pri 50-ih letih končno našla kremo, ki mi je pisana na kožo! Že na otip prstov deluje mehko in svilnato. Obraz nahrani in vlaži ter opazno izboljša gladkost in napetost kože.

  24. Mama & Babytots Awards team

    We found that this facial moisturiser feels amazing on the skin. We love the fact that it contains organic juices and hydrates the skin, not to mention how great it smells too! It is not overwhelmingly thick and absorbs into the skin beautifully when applied. Safe to say you will most definitely notice a difference after just one application!

  25. Ivlita

    This product is amazing, made with natural ingredients, amazing natural scent, amazingly soothing to the skin ❤️ I recommend to buy❤️ Thank you so much, I am in love with this product.

  26. Loli

    Si buscas una crema natural, qué hidrate la piel y te la deje maravillosa, no lo dudes más, esta es tu crema!
    He probado muchas cremas diferentes y ninguna como esta!
    Sin duda es un acierto seguro! Y más siendo natural 😍

  27. Andreja

    V kremo PhytoGal sem se zaljubila na prvi dotik. Kot bi na svojo kožo nanesel naravo. Na mojo kožo vpliva izjemno blagodejno. Navdušena sem, da se krema dobro vpije in deluje izjemno poživljajoče! Zelo rada imam tudi vonj kreme, ki name deluje kot aromaterapija. Skratka ta krema je dejansko napisana na mojo kožo in je nekaj najboljšega kar je moja koža do sedaj občutila. Zelo priporočam!

  28. Amina Kitching, Founder & Editor @Safe Cosmetics Australia, The Toxic-Free Campaign. The Organic Beauty Award, Clean Beauty Magazine & App.

    Fall in love with this vegan face cream, it has the most beautiful texture and aroma, skin is hydrated, protected and strengthened.

  29. Martina

    Imam mešan tip kože. Po čelu in bradi je koža mastna, po drugih predelih suha. Po 14 dneh uporabe kreme je koža bolj nahranjena in sijoča. Prepričale so me njene naravne sestavine, saj verjamem v moč narave. Krema je fantastična, lepo se vpija v kožo, kljub njeni gosti strukturi. Vonj po smilju mi je zelo všeč. Vrhunski izdelek. 👌

  30. Mateja

    Suha koža je bila zame vedno problem. Ko sem našla to kremo, sem bila navdušena! Končno nisem več čutila zategovanja. Po nanosu kreme je koža navlažena ves dan. Je mehka in rahlo napeta, z nežnim vonjem, ki mi je všeč. Je kot majhna aromaterapija med vsakodnevno nego kože. Priporočam jo vsem, ki imajo suho kožo!

  31. Karmen

    Imam mešan tip kože, ki je na nekaterih predelih zelo suha, hkrati pa tudi mastna z aknami. Kremo PhytoGal uporabljam redno 2x na dan že dva meseca in sem zelo zadovoljna z njenimi učinki. Krema je zelo blagodejno vplivala na mojo kožo. Po dveh mesecih uporabe se je začela umirjati in rdečica ter akne na licih se postopoma zmanjšujejo. Prilagam sliki moje kože po uporabi kreme PhytoGal po dveh mesecih. Nataša, rada bi se vam zahvalila, saj je krema res naredila čudeže za mojem obrazu.
    Before / after

  32. Ana

    I was looking for a facial cream that would help me with my dry skin. I also have very sensitive skin. Most facial creams give me either a skin reaction or make my skin so oily that consequently I get pimples. When I came across the GalBaia facial cream, I was pleasantly surprised how smooth, soft, and light it made my skin feel. I didn’t have any unpleasant reaction, my dry skin stayed hydrated and the cream has a nice “earthy” scent. When I first opened the cream I thought it is tanned but then I discovered that it leaves no marks on the skin – the color is due to its natural ingredients.

    To sum up: oily, normal or dry skin, it doesn’t matter when having PhytoGal (F)ACE treatment moisturizer around!

  33. Janja

    Po neštetih kremah, ki so mi povzročale srbečico ali mastno kožo, sem končno odkrila pravo kremo za obraz. Večina krem ima kratkotrajen učinek, vaša pa kožo navlaži in gladi cel dan. Ni več zategovanja ali hrapavega občutka. Uporabljam jo 2x na dan. Druge kreme navadno premočno dišijo ali imajo neprijeten vonj, vaša pa ima prijeten vonj.

    Skratka, krema je super in jo priporočam vsem!

  34. Tjaša

    After trying countless skincare products, I finally stumbled upon this cream, and it’s nothing short of miraculous! From the very first application, I noticed a significant difference. The texture of the cream is luxurious yet lightweight, absorbing beautifully into the skin without leaving any greasy residue.

    What impressed me the most was its effectiveness. My skin, which is typically dry and sensitive, felt instantly hydrated and soothed. Within a week, there was a noticeable improvement in my skin’s texture and tone.
    Moreover, the cream is made with natural ingredients, which is a huge plus for me. There’s no harsh chemical scent, just a subtle, pleasant fragrance that makes the application process all the more enjoyable.

    In conclusion, this cream has exceeded all my expectations. It’s not just a skincare product; it’s an investment in the health and beauty of your skin. Highly recommend to anyone seeking a reliable, effective, and luxurious skincare solution!

  35. NINA (verified owner)

    Imam mešan tip kože. Po enomesečni uporabi sem opazila, da je moja koža bolj gladka in sijoča. Občutek zategovanja je minil. Suha koža na nekaterih delih obraza, je le še preteklost.
    Vse zasluge gredo tebi, Nataša. 🙂

  36. María Jesús

    The first thing that hits you is the woody and fresh aroma of the cream. I love these types of aromas, it takes me back to my childhood.
    With two pumps I have enough for the entire face.
    It absorbs very well and does not leave a greasy feeling.
    It can be used day and night. I have incorporated it into my night routine.
    Leaves skin soft, smooth and hydrated.
    Before / after

  37. Leila

    An incredibly sensory cream that has had my name since the minute I read silver fir wood extract and when I applied it to my skin I was enveloped by that smell of wood and herbs that transported me to my nearby forest….

  38. Martina

    Imam osjetljivu kožu i samo rijetke kreme mi odgovaraju. Ova je jedna od njih. Prirodna je,ne izaziva reakcije,lijepo se upije i ima blag miris. Kod krema volim da imaju ili blag miris ili da uopće ne mirišu. Jako mi se sviđa i dizajn. Pomoću pumpice se lako nanosi i ne treba stalno prste i nokte “umakati” u kremu. Toplo preporučam kremu, a tebi Nataša veliko hvala!❤ Dobar posao radiš i samo tako nastavi!💪

  39. Eva P.A

    Esta crema es de lo mejor qué he probado y he probado muchas. El envase es perfecto, la lista de ingredientes es brutal. Me encanta su textura ligera, absorbe rápido . Mi piel luce más luminosa, suave y tersa conforme la voy usando. Me gusta usarla cada mañana por su gran poder antioxidante qué tiene. La recomendación al 100% .

  40. Bo

    Na het gebruik van deze moisturizer voelt mijn gevoelige huid enorm gevoed en kalm aan. Daarnaast ben ik iemand die nogal last heeft van onzuiverheden en postacnevlekjes. Ik merk op dat vlak nu al een verschil: mijn huid ziet er egaler uit, wat ik vaak niet met andere skincareproducten heb! GalBaia gebruikt enkel biologische en vegan ingrediënten van hoge kwaliteit, wat ik enorm belangrijk vindt.

    De natuurlijke geur verbindt me met de natuur en geeft mijn huidverzorgingsroutine een luxueus gevoel. De resultaten zijn echt ruimschoots ingelost. Ik ben fan!

  41. Jolie

    Deze créme doet wat beloofd! Mijn huid voelde meteen heel rustig nadat ik hem voor de eerste keer had aangebracht. Hij hydrateert goed maar laat geen ‘vettig’ gevoel achter, wat ik heel fijn vind. Ik gebruik hem in de avond na mijn reiniger en ‘s ochtends voelt mijn gezicht nog steeds gehydrateerd aan. De natuurlijke geur is subtiel en aangenaam en maakt de routine alleen maar fijner. Ik zelf heb nog een jonge en (acne) gevoelige huid en ik heb het gevoel dat ik al minder last heb van acne dan voorheen. Je voelt dat de crème is gemaakt met ingrediënten van hoge kwaliteit en dat ze allemaal een meerwaarde bieden. Conclusie, als je een crème zoekt die hydraterend, verkalmend en luxueus aanvoelt maar geen ‘vettig of sticky’ gevoel achterlaat, raad ik deze helemaal aan!
    Before / after

  42. Ivana Šiškić

    Dobila sam kremu na poklon i već razmišljam kupiti novu bočicu iako sam tek napola ove.
    Imam neku kombinaciju kože koja je više bih rekla sad dehidrirana. Ova krema mi je toliko savršenaaaaa i već dugo nisam naišla na kremu koja mi nahrani kožu i upije, bez osjećaja zatezanja.
    Svakako ću ju kupiti ponovo, svaka preporuka.

  43. Mama & Baby-tots Awards judges

    We found once again that this facial moisturiser feels absolutely amazing on the skin!

    The fact that it contains organic juices makes this product so appealing, it hydrates the skin whilst smelling amazing! It is the perfect combination and absorbs into the skin beautifully!!

    Safe to say we can see why this product has won so many awards!

  44. Free From Skin Care Awards Judge

    My face is so much softer both whilst the moisturiser has been applied and after it has been cleansed.

    This just seems to suit my skin, which is looking calm and smooth. I feel it’s a really good support. Skin looks fantastic. I find myself secretly stroking my face when I think no-one is watching. I can’t believe how soft my cheeks feel.

    Healthy soft skin, what’s not to like?

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Star Star Star Star Star

Louise Jane, CEO The Vegan Beauty Awards

Gender: Woman Age:25-34 Skin type: normal

The PhytoGal treatment moisturizer is a must-have for anyone serious about taking care of their skin. It's packed with only the best all-natural ingredients in one magical bottle and delivers a powerful dose of vitamins to your skin; keeping it looking young and radiant! This product is honestly all you need to transform your skin from dull and dry to glowing, healthy, and naturally beautiful. I can't wait to see what else this brand comes up with after seeing the results from this one!

Star Star Star Star Star

Louise Jane, CEO The Vegan Choice Awards

Gender: Woman Age:25-34 Skin type: normal

The PhytoGal treatment moisturizer from GalBaia is a rare find that delivers instant results. I couldn't believe how soft and supple my skin felt immediately after using it and I can't wait to see what benefits it has over time!  I highly recommend this product to anyone who is interested in improving the appearance of their skin 100% naturally. This is honestly one of the best skincare products I've ever used, and I can confidently say that you will be satisfied with its results!

Star Star Star Star Star


Gender: Woman Age:65 + Skin type: dry

"My skin is already older, but using this cream has made it moisturized and radiant again. The texture is perfect and so is the scent. There is a bonus in the natural ingredients, I never knew these before. A morning application will last me all day."


Do you offer free samples?

At GalBaia, Natural Dermathecary® we strive to maintain the integrity of the process, from the carefully selected ingredients to the packaging of the product, all so as to ensure that you receive a product of the highest quality. Committing to the guidelines therefore also entails environmentally friendly packaging, which is why we do not support free sample-sized packaging. Instead, we have created a trial size (15 ml). The amount of cream in the trial/travel size is sufficient for up to one month of daily facial use, which is the time needed for the skin to regenerate and adapt to the product. After this time, you should be able to really see the benefits.

Are the products dermatologically tested?


Our products have been dermatologically tested and certified* compatible with human skin. The products do not cause irritation or allergic reactions.

* The skin compatibility test was carried out on 50 people aged between 23 and 69 years.

The full list of ingredients for each product is provided on our website and on the packaging. Please read the information to make sure there are no ingredients that you are sensitive to. We recommend a product test before using any new products. Apply a small amount of the product to the palmar side of your wrist. If you notice sensitivity, remove the product immediately.

How long will a 50-millilitre bottle last me?

How quickly the cream is used up depends on each individual, the amount applied, the frequency of application and the area where the cream is applied. If you apply the cream to your face twice a day, you will use it up in about 3 months.

Applying the cream to your face, neck and décolleté twice a day, this amount would last about two months.

The amount of cream used depends on the needs of the individual, but on average, two presses on the pump of the bottle should suffice.

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