"Clean and ethical beauty is much more than just a trend. It is my strong belief that a lifestyle that is in harmony with nature is the key to one's well-being. That is why I aim to keep as close to nature as I can, and I only use the purest and most lovingly selected ingredients in my formulations."

Natasa, M.Sc. Cosm., founder of the brand GalBaia, Natural Dermathecary®

founder Natasa Tavcar


I am Natasa Tavcar, a nature lover and traveler, curious researcher, skin care product formulator, and the founder of the GalBaia, Natural Dermathecary® brand.

My organic skincare journey begun in high school when I started creating the first creams for my own use, learning about how plant-powered ingredients could assist the integral health of our skin.

Love of nature and passion for beautiful and healthy skin led me to the VIST – Faculty of Applied Sciences in Ljubljana. I graduated from the department of cosmetics with a degree in natural cosmetics, where my thesis had focused on the perception and understanding of natural cosmetics among consumers. I then completed my master’s degree using placebo-controlled research to study the effects of a cream made with the extract from silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) wood on the skin, which led to me being awarded a master’s in cosmetics science.

I am the co-author of the patent for the sustainable cosmetic active ingredient in silver fir wood.

I also work in cooperation with ERUDIO College as Course Teacher for Cosmetology at the ERUDIO Higher Vocational College.


founder in laboratory - Natasa Tavcar
I furthered my knowledge at Formula Botanica, the world's largest and most prestigious school for organic cosmetics. I graduated in organic skincare formulations and obtained a certificate in organic anti-ageing skincare.
PhytoGal (F)ACE treatment moisturizer


Even in my undergraduate studies, I was already attracted to the fields of dermatology, pharmacognosy, cosmetology, and phytotherapy. I also had a great desire to make my own products one day.

With my enthusiasm to connect study, research, innovation and love for nature and natural cosmetics led me to develop and test natural skin care products from the most effective natural and organic ingredients.

Natural skin care I had always hoped existed… one that is high-performance, luxurious, formulated with active ingredients. And GalBaia, Natural Dermathecary® was born. Combining science and nature for the health and beauty of the skin.


Since the inception of GalBaia, Natural Dermathecary®, my vision has been to cultivate a brand that reflected the values of clean, ethical, and natural beauty.

Our skin is what connects our inner and outer worlds. Its aging is also caused by a range of both internal and external factors. As such, I carefully chose organic ingredients that are both effective and environmentally sustainable. Future products will continue to be natural, safe, and effective. I choose the best that nature has to offer.

For you and for your skin – enhance your natural beauty with the bounty of nature

founder connecting people to nature -Natasa Tavcar
GalBaia -PhytoGal (F)ACE treatment moisturizer


My first cosmetic product and its launch was inspired by nature for you! It is nice to be able to let both your inner and outer beauty shine. 

I have a natural moisturizing face cream for a youthful, fresh, and relaxed look, ideal for women with normal to dry skin showing the first visible signs of ageing, and for all those who seek hydrated, nourished, and radiant skin and to prevent premature skin ageing.

It consists of extracts from kakadu plum, caviar lime, and Davidson plum from the wild heart of Australia’s nature. I also added silver fir wood extract, which has strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging effects as a result of its unique combination of various polyphenols.

This optimal combination of ingredients will make your skin glow with health! You will also fall in love with the cream’s gentle, natural scent.



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