GalBaia, Natural Dermathecary® brings together the best, high-quality and well-proven natural, organic, and active ingredients inspired by nature.

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      EXTRACTION: Allantoin is a renowned active substance, which is found in comfrey and some other medicinal plants, and is now obtained synthetically.

      BENEFITS: Allantoin is best known for improving skin moisturizing and its softness, prevents irritation and promotes natural skin regeneration.


      EXTRACTION: Pure natural juice, extracted from the leaves of aloe vera with all its valuable ingredients. Barbadensis is named after the Barbados archipelago where aloe vera was grown.

      BENEFITS: Aloe vera juice is rich in polysaccharides, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and salicylic acid. It has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects and also helps heal the wounds faster. It improves natural moisture of skin and soothes it. It also helps to remove dead skin cells and stimulates the effective penetration of other ingredients into the skin.



      EXTRACTION: The oil is extracted from babassu seeds, which grow mainly in South America’s Amazon region. Babassu seed oil is actually a butter that turns into a pale yellow oil at temperatures above 24 ° C.

      BENEFITS: It is rich in vitamin E and lauric acid, which has an antimicrobial effect. It helps with skin regeneration. The skin becomes soft, smooth and nourished.


      EXTRACTION:  It is an organic alcohol that is naturally present in many foods (apricots, beans, cocoa, cranberries, mushrooms, honey), teas, and essential oils of plants (ylang-ylang and jasmine).

      BENEFITS: It prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi even after opening the cosmetic product.



      EXTRACTION: Cacay seed oil is extracted from very nutritious nuts of Caryodendron orinocense, which grows in the forests of the Amazon, at the eastern foot of the Andes.

      BENEFITS: Cacay seed oil contains three times more natural retinol (vitamin A) than rosehip oil and has a 50% higher vitamin E content than argan oil. The oil is also rich in linoleic acid and is the richest source of the essential omega-6 as well as omega-9 fatty acids. Cacay oil promote collagen production and cell regeneration; consequently, it reduces the appearance of wrinkles while keeping the skin smooth and soft at the same time.


      EXTRACTION: A mixture of cetyl and stearyl alcohol, acquired from vegetable oils.

      BENEFITS: A natural emulsifier used for thickening of the cosmetic product. In addition, it has a moisturizing effect on the skin, making it soft and smooth.


      EXTRACTION: The oil is extracted from seeds of a popular tree, which brings joy with its delicious fruits and exceptional oil.  The cherry is a fruit tree that originates from Europe.

      BENEFITS:  The main ingredient of the oil is α-eleostearic acid, a conjugated omega-5 fatty acid, which is exceptionally rare among vegetable oils for cosmetic use. Cherry oil is not only rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, and E, but also in proteins and minerals. Thus, it is strongly attributed with antioxidant functions, which protect the skin from the harmful effects of the environment. Scientific research shows a synergistic effect of cherry oil and pomegranate oil.


      EXTRACTION: Belongs to α(alpha)-hydroxy fruit acid. It can be mainly found in citruses, after which it also got its name, especially in lemons and limes. Nowadays, citric acid is obtained synthetically.

      BENEFITS: In cosmetic products, it is used to adjust pH. It also stimulates the formation of epidermis and collagen in the skin, thus improving its elasticity.



      EXTRACTION: The extract is obtained from the Davidson plum, which is a distinctly luxurious, dark purple coloured fruit with strong red flesh and is one of the most nutritionally powerful home-grown fruits from the Australian rainforest.

      BENEFITS: It boasts tartaric acid contents which promotes cell renewal and contains a lot of anthocyanins; plant pigments that give it a distinctive colour and have many protective properties for the skin, as they act as antioxidants. It is also an excellent source of potassium, zinc, magnesium, and calcium, which help promote skin’s elasticity and collagen production, thus rejuvenating the skin. It works synergistically with Kakadu plum extract.



      EXTRACTION: It is an odorless organic ingredient.

      BENEFITS: Prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi even after opening the cosmetic product.



      EXTRACTION:  The extract is obtained from tiny, caviar-like pearls filled with juice. It is a citrus – a lemon found in Australia in South East Queensland and New South Wales.

      BENEFITS: Within the cells of these tiny pearls, are a huge range of phyto-active compounds. It boosts the properties of other native extracts including; Kakadu Plum, Quandong and Mountain Pepper leaf extract. In this way, individual benefits of each ingredient are enhanced in order to improve skin hydration.



      EXTRACTION: Vegetable glycerin is extracted by hydrolysing fats from vegetable oils. Glycerin is otherwise naturally found in the skin.

      BENEFITS: It is an effective moisturizing agent; due to its water-binding abilities it softens the skin and helps maintain moisture balance in it.


      EXTRACTION: An emulsifier of natural plant origin found in oils, and derived from glycerin and stearic acid.

      BENEFITS: In cosmetic products, it acts as a humidifier, stabilizer, and emulsifier (ingredients that combine water and oil) and gives the skin a pleasant feeling.



      EXTRACTION: It is obtained by steam distillation of fresh yellowish flowers on the upper part of the plant, found in European Mediterranean, including Slovenia. The name Helichrysum comes from the Greek words “helios” and “chryos”, which means golden sun, and has been associated with timelessness and immortality since ancient times.

      BENEFITS: Immortelle hydrolate soothes inflammations, speeds up blood circulation and is famous for its exceptional regenerative action.



      EXTRACTION: The extract is obtained from Kakadu plums in Northern Australia and is considered the richest natural source of vitamin C. Due to its rich and bioavailable vitamin C content, it is one of the most studied active superfoods.

      BENEFITS: The most powerful natural vitamin C in the world acts as a antioxidant and stimulates formation and regeneration of collagen and elastin, which keep our skin youthful. It helps reduce wrinkles, improves skin texture, reduces skin damage caused by free radicals and protects skin against UV damage. It works synergistically with Davidson plum extract and Mountain Pepper leaf extract.



      EXTRACTION: The essential oil is obtained from lavender flowers.

      BENEFITS: It is a real elixir for skin care. It has anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiseptic, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties. The smell of lavender relieves emotional tension, calms and relaxes, and establishes harmony of the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.



      EXTRACTION: It is a substance extracted from corn, potato or rice starch.

      BENEFITS: It acts as a natural stabilizer of a cosmetic product.


      EXTRACTION: The extract is obtained by fermentation of marine bacteria Pseudoalteromonas. The extract contains exopolysaccharide, composed of various monosaccharides (sugars), serving as protection for bacteria. The extract is thus rich in glucuronic acid, which has exceptional water retention capacity.

      BENEFITS: It moisturizes the skin, making it smoother, more toned and offers it an exceptional, long-lasting moisturizing effect. Research has shown that it increases skin’s hydration in 24 hours by as much as 58.5% more than hyaluronic acid.


      EXTRACTION: The extract is obtained from shrub leaves found in the cold temperate rainforest in southeastern Australia – Tasmania.

      BENEFITS: The leaves represent a natural source of vitamin E. Studies show that concentration of vitamin E is higher than 3200 mg per 100 g. The leaves contain two flavonoid glycosides (powerful antioxidants) called isovitexin and rutin, which protect the skin from aging and work synergistically with vitamin C from Kakadu plum extract, thus increasing their antioxidative activity.



      EXTRACTION: Vitamin E (tocopherol) is formed by biosynthesis in plants, and can be found in abundance in vegetable oils, thus it is extracted by isolating it out of vegetable oils. Vitamin E is otherwise the main fat-soluble antioxidant in the skin.

      BENEFITS: Vitamin E is used as an active ingredient, due to its powerful antioxidative effect. It can retain more moisture in the skin – the skin is consequently healthier. It also improves elasticity and plays a major role in cell regeneration, wound healing and promotes anti-inflammatory activity of the skin.


      EXTRACTION: It is extracted from noni fruit, which grows on a small tree that is said to have originated in Queensland, Australia, and is also found on the Polynesian islands. With this fruit, Polynesian peoples have been treating many health problems, such as infections, inflammations and skin and hair problems for over 2000 years. They believed the fruit brought them long life and health, that’s why they named it a gift from the gods.

      BENEFITS: Noni juice contains more than 150 different substances that cannot be found in any other juice, namely vitamins (A, all B, C and E vitamin groups), amino acids, enzymes, mineral nutrients and trace elements. They have antioxidative and anti-inflammatory effects and help maintain beautiful and healthy skin.



      EXTRACTION: Provitamin B5 (d-panthenol) is an active form of pantothenic acid, which is obtained by chemical synthesis.

      BENEFITS: Panthenol is a precursor to vitamin B5. It is quickly absorbed into the skin and metabolized into this vitamin. It has a nutritious, anti-inflammatory, and regenerative effect on the skin, thus keeping it soft and elastic. Panthenol also accelerates skin healing, works anti-inflammatory and has a beneficial effect on preventing acne.


      EXTRACTION:  Pomegranate seed oil is obtained from seeds of this fruit. It is a deciduous tree or shrub that originates from southwest Asia and is also widespread throughout the Mediterranean.

      BENEFITS: Pomegranate seed oil is extremely valuable. Its composition is very special since it contains as much as 80% of the extremely rare omega-5 fatty acid called punicic acid, which has antioxidant activity and a high content of vitamin E. It is also special due to the presence of two estrogenic hormones that perfectly nourish the skin as they improve its elasticity and have a pronounced rejuvenating effect. The oil soothes the skin and makes it healthier and beautiful. Scientific research shows a synergistic effect of pomegranate and cherry oil.


      EXTRACTION: It is the potassium salt of sorbic acid.

      BENEFITS: It is used as a preservative in cosmetics and also in food (it is added to cheese, wine, yoghurt, dried meats). It prevents the formation of yeasts and mold in cosmetic products.


      EXTRACTION: Prickly pear is an edible and nutritious cactus with elongated red fruits containing a number of tiny brown seeds from which the oil is extracted. It originates from Mexico and South America.

      BENEFITS: Very rare and precious oil is distinguished by an exceptionally nourishing active ingredient Delta 7 stigmasterol, which has a very high and rich content of antioxidants and essential unsaturated fatty acids that intensively nourish the skin. The oil is also rich in vitamins A, E (as much as 150% more than argan oil) and K, which help to improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Prickly pear oil regenerates the skin and makes it look beautiful and healthy.



      EXTRACTION: The extract is obtained from round red fruits, which grow in the Outback, both the largest and the most barren part of Australia.

      BENEFITS: Active ingredients in quandong include phenolic acids, which have antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and behaves like an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) on the skin. It also contains rutin, another strong antioxidant which works synergistically with vitamin C to have an anti-aging effect. It reduces the appearance of small lines and wrinkles, and soothes and improves skin’s appearance.



      EXTRACTION: Rice oil is obtained by pressing Thai jasmine rice bran.

      BENEFITS: It contains a powerful antioxidant Gamma(γ)-Oryzanol (18,200 mg / kg), which plays a significant role in protecting cells from oxidative stress. Rice oil is known for its nutritional properties and for softening the skin.



      EXTRACTION:  To gather the extract from the depths of the intact nature of Slovenian primary forest, only silver fir branches from regular fellings are being manually picked.

      BENEFITS: A unique combination of different polyphenols with low molecular weight acts in a scientifically proven way: it has a strong antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging effect.


      EXTRACTION: It is a salt of benzoic acid.

      BENEFITS: Sodium benzoate is a preservative in cosmetics and food products. It inhibits the growth of yeasts, mold and has an antimicrobial effect.


      EXTRACTION: Sodium glutamate is completely natural and biodegradable. It is the sodium salt of gluconic acid formed by the fermentation of glucose.

      BENEFITS: It nourishes the skin, acts as a moisturizer, and increases the stability of the cosmetic product.


      EXTRACTION: Sodium hydroxide is a strong base.

      BENEFITS: In cosmetic products, it is used to adjust pH.


      EXTRACTION: It is a sodium salt of salicylic acid.

      BENEFITS: It makes the skin smooth and works mildly keratolytically, but it also has an anti-inflammatory effect.


      EXTRACTION:  It belongs to the group of amino acids, as it is a part of amino acid’s glutamate, known as glutamic acid, which increases skin hydration.

       BENEFITS: A natural emulsifier (an ingredient that combines water and oil), which helps to stabilize the cosmetic product, and at the same time nourishes the skin and keeps it soft.


      EXTRACTION: Sucrose stearate is a mixture of sucrose (ordinary sugar) and stearic acid. Sucrose is obtained from sugar cane, and stearic acid is obtained by hydrolysis of vegetable fats.

      BENEFITS:  It is an active ingredient and as an emollient softens the skin and creates a protective layer that retains moisture and reduces the feeling of irritation. It also acts as a co-emulsifier, which is used for thickening and stabilizing the cosmetic product.



      EXTRACTION: The essential oil is obtained from the peel of a sweet orange.

      BENEFITS: It stimulates the lymphatic system and accelerates collagen formation in the skin, which we need for a healthy and youthful skin. It also has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. The smell of sweet orange essential oil stimulates the feeling of happiness and warmth, brings energy, and cheers the mind.



      EXTRACTION: It is extracted from Xanthomonas campestris bacteria, after which xanthan got its name. During fermentation, it produces the anionic polysaccharide xanthan.

      BENEFITS: It is a natural viscosity regulator and emulsion stabilizer in the process of manufacturing cosmetic products. Xanthan gum, together with the emulsifier (ingredient that combines water and oil), helps the products to have a much more stable emulsion and a smooth and pleasant structure.

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