Pure and ethical beauty is not just a trend. A lifestyle in harmony with nature is the key to well-being. Only the purest and lovingly selected ingredients with a active ingredient content are used in the formulation. Every ingredient in the product is indispensable, which in turn means that it soothes the skin and creates a natural balance in it.

CosmEthically ACTIVE

It is with sheer pride that we hold the CosmEthically ACTIVE certificate – Approved by Modern CosmEthics!

The acquired CosmEthically ACTIVE certification, which guarantees that all the functional ingredients in the product are present in a concentration that is both safe and effective, confirms that I am true to my word. Another important criterion is the expertly formulated final cosmetic product, which must be of the highest quality and tailored to the specific needs of our skin.

Buying a product with the CosmEthically ACTIVE label leaves you feeling reassured you are buying a top-quality active cosmetics product that act synergistically with active ingredients, moisturize, nourish and regenerate the skin.

Why pay for a product that primarily consists of water?

In cosmetics, water is usually used to fill the formula. Most of the cosmetic products you buy are therefore based on water phase system- in practice this means that most creams on the market contain as much as 60-85% water!

However, our skin really needs more!

Every ingredient in the product is crucial, which means that it soothes the skin and creates a natural balance in it. GalBaia, Natural Dermathecary® products are based on organic juices and organic hydrolates, which consequently means much higher cosmetic activity.

For your skin more active product formulations. For the planet, more respect for water resources.


Ecogea Organic in Ecogea Vegan

With the Ecogea Organic certificate the products bring added value and gives weight to the products, certifying that all the ingredients used have been properly tested and approved, and that the products are safe and have no adverse effects on the skin and environment.

The cosmetics are also certified Ecogea Vegan and are suitable for vegans as they do not contain any ingredients of animal origin. In this way the cosmetics are both effective and organic and safely packaged in violet Miron glass.

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