The Power of Australian Native Extracts in Skincare

August 8, 2022

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Nature does not create single compounds, but rather uses a complex system based on synergistic relationships between various compounds used in tandem to ensure survival and reproduction.

As such, the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts, and plant extracts always have a different (greater) effect when used together rather than if they were used alone.

mountain pepper
kakadu plum
davidson plum
australian extracts
finger lime caviar

Why Australian Extracts?

Australia is a largely untapped reservoir of biodiversity, including pioneer species that have evolved in harsh environments.

Plants have thus become very effective at creating and storing the phytocompounds that they need to survive. The indigenous Australians also know of this value, citing Mother Nature as their richest treasure trove.

why australian extracts

Outback, the largest and most empty part of
Australia where Quandong, the native peach thrives.


Kakadu plum grows in Arnhem Land,
an Australian indigenous land hold in the Northern Territory, Australia.

Why Are Australian Extracts Effective In Skin Care?

In Australia the tilt of the earth makes the sun stronger during the summer than anywhere else in the world.

Indigenous plants evolved and adapted to withstand constant exposure to strong sunlight by utilising effective systems to protect themselves from oxidative stress, which is caused by free radicals associated with sunlight. It is the climate of Australia and the conditions in which these plants grow that are to thank for the powers seen in their concentrated extracts.

Australian Native extracts

Southern Cross University in Australia has done extensive research on extracts from Australian plants.

They found exceptional quantities of vitamins C, E, and other antioxidants.

When applied to the skin, these extracts:

  • Restore the skin’s moisture.
  • Provide even and radiant skin.
  • Have anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Help to reduce hyperpigmentation of the skin.
  • Help protect the skin from UV rays.
Australian Native extracts
kakadu plum extract

Kakadu plum

More About Australian Extracts…

Australian extracts are obtained using an innovative technology known as cell extraction.

This method preserves the integrity of the natural molecules, which contain the entire plant profile, as it maintains the highest level of beneficial phytoactive compounds (and their derivatives) found in fruit, leaves, wood, or flowers. The cell extraction process means that you get 100% of the plant’s healing properties into the product.

The actions of Australian extracts are certified by the Australian Government Laboratory, which also provides information on their sources and activity.

Outdated extraction methods (maceration, percolation, etc.) use large amounts of organic solvents, which pose a health hazard and simultaneously pollute the environment. They also place the plant under great stress, which causes the active compounds to be consumed quickly. The result is an extract that does not take full advantage of the herbal material.


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