The Amazing Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice For Skin

August 24, 2023

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At GalBaia, we believe in the power of organic ingredients, and instead of water, we harness the nourishing properties of juices and hidrolate to create transformative skincare products. One of our most cherished ingredients is Aloe Vera, which takes center stage in our (F)ACE Treatment moisturizer.

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Aloe Vera juice

The Nutrient-Rich Marvel of Aloe Vera Juice

For centuries, Aloe Vera has been revered for its myriad of benefits.

Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis) is a perennial green herb with bright yellow tubular flowers that is extensively distributed in hot and dry areas of North Africa, the Middle East of Asia, the Southern Mediterranean, and the Canary Islands. Aloe vera derives from “Allaeh” (Arabic word that means “shining bitter substances”) and “Vera” (Latin word that means “true”). 

The juice containes valuable nutrients, to ensure your skin receives the utmost care it deserves. The vitamins A, C, and E present in Aloe Vera juice promote skin cell renewal, fight free radicals, and combat premature aging, leaving your skin with a radiant glow.

Hydration, the Natural Way

Whether you have dry or sensitive skin our PhytoGal (F)ACE Treatment moisturizer infused with Aloe Vera juice is your go-to solution.

This magical ingredient moisturizing from within without clogging pores. Say goodbye to irritation, redness, and blemishes as Aloe Vera’s anti-inflammatory properties work their wonders. Its humectant properties attract and retain moisture, ensuring your skin remains supple, soft, and youthful throughout the day.

Beyond its hydrating and soothing abilities, Aloe Vera juice for skin also works wonders as an anti-aging agent. The naturally occurring antioxidants help combat fine lines and wrinkles, while its collagen-stimulating properties improve skin elasticity, making you look as young as you feel.

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Embrace Nature, Embrace Beauty

We believe in the power of clean, organic ingredients, and Aloe Vera is at the forefront of our commitment to providing you with the best in skincare.

Incorporate the goodness of Aloe Vera juice into your skincare routine with our PhytoGal (F)ACE Treatment moisturizer.

Say hello to healthier, happier skin, and let the world witness your radiant glow!


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PhytoGal (F)ACE treatment moisturizer 50 ml

(A)ctive. (C)orrective. (E)ffective.

Experience the magic of nature’s finest with our Multi-Award-Winning product. Give your skin a revitalizing touch and start your day with a joyful boost, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

This luxurious, anti-ageing PhytoGal (F)ACE treatment moisturizer with Kakadu plum and silver fir wood extract, with a synergistic blend of other Australian extracts, immortelle hydrosol, aloe vera and noni juice, together with precious plant oils, such as cacay, babassu, pomegranate, cherry and rice bran oils, spread easily, absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy residue, only beautifully smooth, soft, and hydrated skin. 

If you apply the cream to your face twice a day, you will use it up in about 3 months.

The amount of cream used depends on the needs of the individual, but on average, two presses on the pump of the bottle should suffice.

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