Forest Bathing Therapy: Experiencing the Healing Power of Nature

August 18, 2023

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The concept of forest bathing is based on a simple and intuitive idea: immersing yourself in nature can be incredibly beneficial for your physical, mental, and emotional health. Even if you’ve never been to a forest, pictures of expansive woodlands from places like Canada, Japan, Siberia, and Slovenia conjure their essence. Forests hold a special allure for us, as we’re fleeting guests in their world. Breathing in forest air connects us to the environment and ourselves.

silver fir wood extract

Nature Bottled silver fir

What is the biophilia effect?

Amidst the trees, the noise of city life fades, distractions lose their hold, and external pressures take a back seat.

Among nature, we connect, feeling grounded and lifted at once. Life and death’s rhythmic dance unfolds – decaying wood feeds emerging saplings. In this natural rhythm, change happens within us.

Trees shape the climate, cleaning the air and filling it with a rejuvenating scent that awakens our senses. This forest aroma, once thought fleeting, is backed by “biophilia effect”(1) research. Being in the forest, inhaling tree scents and the forest floor’s aroma, lets deep healing happen. But this experience is more than emotion.

What is the meaning of Shinrin-yoku?

By 2050, around two-thirds of the world’s population will live in cities, UN estimates say.(2)

With 31 megacities now and potentially 50 in three decades, urbanization and digital life take us from nature. A strong desire to connect with the natural world emerges – a yearning for nature’s comfort.

Among the trees, a deep experience unfolds. The Japanese term “shinrin-yoku”(3) or”forest bathing” captures connecting to nature with all senses. A mindful walk in nature, just soaking in the forest, eases stress, boosts the immune system, improves mood, increases focus and creativity and makes you live in the present moment.

how to reduce stress-meditation

Global Benefits

Research shows 20 minutes in a green space reduces stress hormones. Cortisol drops, and stress-related enzymes decrease.

Termed a “nature pill,”(4) this is backed by Frontiers in Psychology. Studies like Roger Ulrich’s reveal post-op patients looking at greenery need fewer painkillers.(5) Research by Marc Berman links green spaces to less heart disease and diabetes.(6)

Silver fir wood extract

If you don’t have a forest near you or simply want to experience the essence of nature, take a Healing Journey with PhytoGal (F)ACE Treatment Moisturizer.

The gentle woodiness of silver fir contributes to the cream’s aromatic profile, providing a sense of tranquility reminiscent of walking through a serene forest. This earthy and comforting note harmonizes with other ingredients, creating a balanced olfactory experience.

Silver fir extract has a range of beneficial effects, foremost being its antioxidant effects. Its antioxidant activity is higher than Resveratrol, twice as high as vitamin E, and almost four times as high as green tea.

Utilize these insights to embrace the enchantment of forest bathing. Breathe in the scents of trees and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature to find solace. Encounter the “biophilia effect” firsthand as you inhale the serene embrace of the forest, revitalizing your well-being.


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silver fir extract scent - GalBaia, Natural Dermathecary

Silver fir wood extract


PhytoGal (F)ACE treatment moisturizer 50 ml

(A)ctive. (C)orrective. (E)ffective.

Experience the magic of nature’s finest with our Multi-Award-Winning product. Give your skin a revitalizing touch and start your day with a joyful boost, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

This luxurious, rich, anti-ageing PhytoGal (F)ACE treatment moisturizer with Kakadu plum and silver fir wood extract, with a synergistic blend of other Australian extracts, immortelle hydrosol, aloe vera and noni juice, together with precious plant oils, such as cacay, babassu, pomegranate, cherry and rice bran oils, spread easily, absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy residue, only beautifully smooth, soft, and hydrated skin. 

If you apply the cream to your face twice a day, you will use it up in about 3 months.

The amount of cream used depends on the needs of the individual, but on average, two presses on the pump of the bottle should suffice.

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