10 Natural Skincare Tips for Glowing Skin

September 9, 2023

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Natural skincare uses ingredients that are found in nature, such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, and essential oils. These ingredients are gentle on the skin and can help to improve its health and appearance.


healthy diet


Eat a healthy diet

What you eat can have a big impact on your skin health.

Eating a healthy diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can help to improve your skin’s radiance and elasticity.

2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines(1are a set of recommendations for healthy eating and physical activity. The guidelines are updated every 5 years to reflect the latest scientific evidence.

  • Eat a variety of nutrient-dense foods from all food groups.
  • Limit unhealthy choices, such as added sugars and saturated fats.
  • Make choices that are lower in calories, saturated fat, sodium, and added sugars, and higher in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein.
  • Make sure everyone has access to healthy food and can make healthy choices.

It is also important to drink plenty of water. Water helps to keep your skin hydrated and plump.


Get enough sleep

Sleep is essential for your overall health, including your skin health.

When you sleep, your body repairs itself and produces new skin cells.

How much sleep you need changes with age. Most adults need at least seven hours or more of sleep each night.(2)

Tips for Optimizing Your Beauty Sleep
Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption


Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption

Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can damage your skin and make it look dull and unhealthy.

A study published in the journal Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology found that women who smoked and drank alcohol had significantly more wrinkles, pigmentation, and laxity than women who did not smoke or drink alcohol. The effects of smoking and alcohol use were more pronounced in women who started smoking and drinking at a younger age. The study’s findings suggest that smoking and alcohol use can accelerate the aging process of the skin.(3)

If you smoke or drink excessively, quitting is one of the best things you can do for your skin.


Manage stress

Stress has multiple and wide-ranging physiologic and clinical impacts on skin disease.

This has led to an interest in mind body therapies as potential adjunct treatments for skin disease.(4) Stress can take a toll on your skin, causing it to look dull and tired.

Find healthy ways to manage stress, such as exercise, yoga, or meditation.

how to reduce stress-meditation
nature bottled


Use natural skincare products

When choosing skincare products, look for those that are made with natural ingredients.

Experience the benefits of natural skincare: nourished and rejuvenated skin, avoidance of harsh chemicals, and contribution to environmental sustainability.

Embrace the beauty of nature with natural cosmetics and let your true radiance shine through.


Get regular facials

A facial can help to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize your skin.

It can also help to remove blackheads and whiteheads.

Get a facial every 4-6 weeks to keep your skin looking its best.

aromatherapy scent
Dermatological Testing


See a dermatologist if needed

If you have serious skin concerns, such as acne or rosacea, you may need to see a dermatologist.

A dermatologist can help you develop a skincare routine that is right for you.


Moisturize your skin regularly

Moisturizing is essential for keeping your skin hydrated and healthy.

Are you looking for a moisturizer that will hydrate your dry skin, reduce the appearance of redness and breakouts, and improve your overall complexion? Look no further than the PhytoGal (F)ACE treatment moisturizer.

It will help to plump up your skin and give it a healthy glow. 



natural moisturizer - Nurturing Your Skin's Health
PhytoGal (F)ACE Treatment Moisturizer


Use skincare with natural ingredients

Our PhytoGal (F)ACE treatment moisturizer is luxurious cream packed with beneficial ingredients, including:

  • Kakadu plum: A fruit that is high in vitamin C. It helps to brighten the skin and protect it from damage.
  • Silver fir wood extract: An extract that has anti-aging properties. It helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Immortelle hydrolate: A hydrolate that is made from the immortelle flower. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Aloe vera: A plant juice that is known for its moisturizing properties.
  • Noni juice: A fruit juice that is rich in antioxidants and nutrients.
  • Cherry seed oil: A plant oil that is moisturizing and anti-inflammatory.
  • Rice bran oil: A plant oil that is rich in vitamins and minerals.



Be patient

It takes time to achieve glowing skin.

Don’t expect to see results overnight. Be patient and consistent with your skincare routine, and you will eventually see the results you are looking for. Following these natural skincare tips can help you achieve glowing, healthy skin.

By using gentle ingredients and taking care of your skin from the inside out, you can improve its appearance and health.

Shop our PhytoGal (F)ACE treatment moisturizer now and experience the difference.


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PhytoGal (F)ACE treatment moisturizer 50 ml

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This luxurious, rich, anti-ageing PhytoGal (F)ACE treatment moisturizer with Kakadu plum and silver fir wood extract, with a synergistic blend of other Australian extracts, immortelle hydrosol, aloe vera and noni juice, together with precious plant oils, such as cacay, babassu, pomegranate, cherry and rice bran oils, spread easily, absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy residue, only beautifully smooth, soft, and hydrated skin. 

If you apply the cream to your face twice a day, you will use it up in about 3 months.

The amount of cream used depends on the needs of the individual, but on average, two presses on the pump of the bottle should suffice.

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